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Megan Simms is the current County Treasurer.

This is a non-partisan elected position.

The County Treasurers Department is responsible for the following duties and services: Receipt and disbursement of funds, Payment, nonpayment and interest on county orders. Redemption of county orders, Notation of amount of interest paid, Deposit of redeemed county orders with clerk, Cancellation of warrants received for obligations due county, Manner of keeping books, Inspection of books by county court and exhibit of moneys, Monthly financial statement, Crediting of moneys to proper funds and payment from funds, Annual settlement with county court, Delivery of property to successor, Administration of oaths, Penalties.  For more information see Oregon Revised Statues, Chapter 208 -- County Treasurers,  ORS 208.

Under ORS 311.055 Megan Simms has been designated as Tax Collector by the County Board of Commissioners.  The Tax Collector is charged with the duty of collecting taxes assessed upon property.

Under ORS 294.331 Megan Simms has been designated as Budget Officer by the County Board of Commissioners.  The Budget Officer, under direction of the Board of Commissioners, prepares or supervises the preparation of the budget document.

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Treasurer's Office Contact Information

Mailing Address:
250 N. Baxter, Coquille, OR 97423

Physical Address:
Coos County Courthouse, Second Floor, Room 207
250 N. Baxter, Coquille, OR 97423

Phone : 541-396-7730

Fax: 541-396-1027

Treasurer/Finance Director:
Megan Simms



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