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Coos County Search and Rescue Information

Search and Rescue is responsible for all SAR activities within Coos County, as defined by Oregon Revised Statutes 404, and ESF 9 of the Coos County Emergency Operations Plan.

The Sheriff is responsible for every search in Coos County, as provided under ORS 404; therefore, every active member of this organization is deputized. Subsequently, only those of high moral standards and who are driven to help others are accepted.

Each active member has their own personal equipment with additions provided by the organization. Members of this organization are from all walks of life. They are willing to be on-call whenever needed, day or night. Coos County Search and Rescue is an all-weather, versatile unit, equipped with everything needed to conduct a well-organized search. The individuals have made themselves available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at little to no cost to the county.

Below are the SAR units who provide services in our community.

Membership is restricted to approved applicants. All SAR unit membership is open to both male and female. No applicant will be denied membership meeting unit criteria, on the basis of race, creed, color, religion or sex. Application is basically the same for all units; you will need to fill out an application and either turn it into the unit you are interested in joining or the Sheriff's Office. All applicants will have a background, criminal history, and driving record check.

In addition to active duty members, Search and Rescue has specialty teams for specialized rescue situations. These teams include:

  • The Dive Team
  • The Ground Rescue Unit
  • Mounted SAR
  • Canine Unit
  • ATV and Snow Unit
  • Communications Unit

Every member of the Coos County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue Division must meet certain standards and training to ensure a safe and successful search and/or rescue. The standards are developed and maintained by the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association (OSSA).

These certification standards are the minimum which meet state requirements of the Office of Emergency Management and still allow the flexibility for the specific needs or conditions in which our ground personnel operate. The OSSA certification standards are the minimum standards for SAR personnel who will be involved in the field with ground SAR operations as well.

To obtain and maintain the Oregon State Search & Rescue Certification, each member must:

1. Obtain and maintain at least a Basic First Aid card (or better) and a valid Health Care Provider (CPR) card.

2. Successfully complete all performance objective skill tests and obtain a minimum score of 80 % on the written exam.

3. Obtain a SAR certification card signed by the Sheriff of the county where the member’s SAR unit is based.

4. Attend at least 30 hours of continuing educations, approved by the Sheriff and/or SAR coordinator, each year in a field related to Search and Rescue; to include but not limited to:

  • Oregon Revised Statute 404
  • Radio communications
  • Map and compass (land navigation)
  • Search techniques and strategy
  • Crime scene security
  • Emergency survival skills
  • Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Man tracking
  • Helicopter safety


About us: California Oregon Regional Search and Rescue Task Force (CORSAR)

The CORSAR concept stemmed from a joint Mission Debriefing on December 8, 2006, to evaluate how to better provide for regional communications and
public assistance during major or extended search and rescue missions. The CORSAR group recognized that it needed to formalize
inter-relationships and move together jointly to enhance mutual operations.
This group includes: Jackson County, Douglas County, Josephine County, Klamath County, Curry County, Coos County, Oregon State Police, Siskiyou County, Del Norte County, Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, Brim Aviation, Crater Lake National Park Service, American Red Cross, and Civil Air Patrol.
Our mission is to foster regional communications to provide and coordinate personnel, equipment,
education, and training for the effective delivery of Search and Rescue services in the Southern Region.
The CORSAR team will provide trained search and rescue personnel, search management, and other
related resources to federal, state, and local authorities to further safeguard and save lives.


250 North Baxter Street Coquille, OR 97423 (541)


Coos County Sheriff’s



...that others may live.

Sergeant Sean Sanborn, SAR Coordinator

(541) 396-7845


●Land Navigation - Maps

●Land Navigation - Compass

● Land Navigation - GPS

● Man Tracking

● ICS - Incident Command


● First aid - CPR

● Survival Skills and much more


Gain expert training and help save lives in your community and beyond. Volunteer your time in the following areas to help support this vital service:

● Command Center Support

● Ground Search

● Dog Team

● Rope Rescue

● Community Events

● Grant Writing

Most importantly, dedication to the lost or missing person for whom you will search,

“so that others may live.”

The goal of SAR is to locate, stabilize and extract individuals in distress. That can mean a hiker

on the side of a mountain, a trapped disaster survivor, or an Alzheimer's patient wandering city streets.

Coos County Search and Rescue Volunteers believe in giving back to the community and do so through our Search and Rescue Missions, our extensive training, and in our Community Event participation. All of us strive for excellence in our performance and in doing so, greatly enhance our community.

Our volunteers depend on your donations!

Donations may be sent to:

Coos County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue

250 N Baxter Street

Coquille, OR 97423



Search and Rescue Application: The Coos County Sheriff's Office follows the Oregon Sheriffs' Association / Oregon Emergency Managements "Minimum Standards for SAR Certification Training." The document that outlines these standards are available at the Sheriff's Office.

Apply Today!

More information

Applications can be either downloaded online or picked up from the front counter of the Sheriff’s Office or from a member of Search & Rescue.

Completed applications can be dropped off at the Sheriff's Office Records Department, emailed to Sergeant Sean Sanborn at:, or mailed to:

Coos County Sheriff
Attn: SAR
250 N. Baxter
Coquille, OR 97423



Contact Us

Sergeant Sean Sanborn
SAR Coordinator

Office: 541-396-7874
   Cell: 541-404-5405
   Fax: 541-396-1025

Coos County Sheriff's Office
250 N. Baxter
Coquille, OR 97423



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