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Frequently asked questions

The Sheriff’s Office is located at 250 North Baxter in Coquille, Oregon.   Upon arrival in Coquille, from the east you would take a right hand turn at the only stop light on Highway 42, from the west you would take a left turn at that only stop light.  You would then travel two blocks and make a right hand turn onto Second Street.  This will be at the corner of the Oregon First Community Credit Union and is easily identifiable as the only four way stop with lighted blinking flashing stop signs.  You will proceed one block before making a left hand turn in front of the Jail.  The Courthouse is directly to the left of the Jail.  The Sheriff’s Office is located on the bottom floor and, when facing the Courthouse, is located to the right of the main entrance to the Courthouse and is marked with a sign indicating “Sheriff’s Office”.


The Sheriffs Office is open, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays.
The office is closed each day from 11:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for lunch.

The below listed link will take you to a Handgun Safety Course offered by the Oregon State Sheriff's Association that will make you elgible to meet the requirements in ORS for handgun safety. The fee for this class is $55, and you can start and stop the test as often as you need. When you log back in you will be right where you left off. If you wish to take the class just for your own educational needs, there is no fee for the class  Any questions, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 541-396-7802.

Oregon CHL Course & Certificate



Can I file a police report on line?  No.  You must contact our office by phone, at the office and/or a deputy must respond to the scene of the incident if such a response is deemed necessary.

How do I get a copy of a Police Report?  You must complete a Sheriff’s Office Public Request for Records Form and submit the appropriate fee and/or make the request with the understanding that there are fees involved and return the form to the Records Division of the Sheriff’s Office.  Attorneys and Insurance Companies do request reports which are presented on the respective agency’s letterhead with the appropriate fee enclosed.  All requests must be made in some sort of written form.

What records are exempt from disclosure?  Cases that are referred to the District Attorney’s Office for review and/or charges to be filed are not available until the matter is adjudicated.  This includes the request from a victim as well as a suspect in a matter.  Open cases such as missing person(s) cases and unsolved homicides are also exempt from disclosure.  In addition, some records such as Concealed Handgun License files are exempt from disclosure.

However, if a case is not public record, you still may send a written request for the report, and at such a time the case becomes public record, your request will be addressed as soon as time allows.

How do I add information to My Police Report?  You may add information to a police report being contacting our office and speaking with a representative of the office and/or the deputy who took the initial report.  Depending on the nature of the information, it may be something a staff member can automatically update and forward the update to the investigating deputy.  You may also mail in additional information to be kept on file with your report.

How do I get a copy of My Driving Record?  DMV records are available to law enforcement for criminal justice purposes only and no employee is allowed to process any request for driving histories for private citizens.  If you are in need of a copy of your driving record, you must contact the Department of Motor Vehicles for that information.

How do I get a copy of My Criminal History?  Again, the Sheriff’s Office is allowed access to Computerized Criminal History information for criminal justice purposes only and cannot provide private citizens such information.  You may contact the Oregon State Police Identification Bureau and complete their request form, enclose the appropriate fee and mail your request to them.   (For additional information, you can visit their website:

Can I get a Criminal History background check on someone else?  You may do so, following the instructions on the website for obtaining a copy of your own record.

What is a local agency check?  A local agency check consists of  contacts by our agency only.  We do not check nor verify any records for any other agency in the County or State.  If you are interested in the complete history of an individual’s background, it is recommended that you contact the Oregon State Police Identification Bureau and follow the procedures for obtaining that information.  Part of the procedure for doing so involves submitting a copy of your fingerprints, which is done by appointment with the Sheriff’s Office.

How do I find out if I have a warrant?  You may go to any law enforcement agency and present identification and if you are wanted, the matter will be dealt with at that time.  The Sheriff’s Office does not release warrant information over the phone.  However, with the exception of a confidential case or a juvenile case, the State Courts will advise the wanted status of an individual in person and/or by phone.   Also, if you know of the location of someone you believe to be wanted, you may contact law enforcement and advise them of that location, and if there is a warrant, law enforcement will take the necessary action to secure an arrest on those charges, but we will not confirm nor deny the existence of any warrants.

How do I find out if someone has been arrested?  You may contact a member of the Coos County Jail staff at (541)396-7850 and inquire if they have a particular subject in custody.  If they do, they will release that fact, the charges the subject is being held for and of any court dates scheduled.  They will not release any transport information nor will they advise on a subject’s arrest history.  They will release information on current inmates only.



Can I get a copy of a birth or death certificate at the Sheriff’s Office?  No.  Birth and Death Certificates can be ordered through the Coos County Health Department if the incident has occurred within the last six months.  The Health Department recommends that you call their office to confirm that a staff member who can assist you will be present.  At the Health Department you will be requested to complete a written request for the documents and if you are requesting them by mail, it is recommended that you download the Request Form from the Vital Statistics Site and mail that to the Coos Health and Wellness at 281 LaClair, Coos Bay OR with the appropriate fee payable to Coos County.  The Health Department can be reached at 541-751-2400.  If the requested certificate is older than six months you will need to make your request to Oregon Vital Statistics.  A written request will be necessary and can be downloaded from their website at: and mailed to OREGON VITAL RECORDS, POB 14050, Portland, Oregon 97293-0050.  The fee for birth and death certificates is $25 for the first record and $20 for each additional copy.  NOTE: Due to recent legislative changes to DMV’s requirement of presenting your birth certificate at the time of application/renewal, many individuals are in need of a certified copy of their birth certificate.  However, any request through the Coos County Health Department and/or Oregon Vital Records cannot be processed immediately, therefore, please make sure you submit your request with that in mind so that you can renew your Oregon Driver’s License prior to its expiration.


How do I obtain evidence back from the Sheriff’s Office?
In order for any property held in Evidence by the Coos County Sheriff’s Office to be released, our office requires a Release Authorization Form from the District Attorney’s Office.  After obtaining the written Release Form from the District Attorney’s Office, you may contact the Sheriff’s Office and request to speak to the Evidence Custodian to schedule a time in which you may come to the office and pick up your property.  Currently the Evidence Custodian is available Monday thru Wednesday, 8:00 a.m. to approximately 3:00 p.m.

Can you help me get my property back from my old roommate, husband or wife?  No.  Property disputes are considered civil in nature and, particularly now, with severely reduced staffing levels, deputies are handling only criminal calls.  The exception to this would be if you have a Writ of Assistance, in which case, the Office would attempt to accommodate the request as soon as a deputy was available.  You may also wish to contact a city police department, if the location is located within a city jurisdiction, and it would be up to the individual department if they would have someone who could assist you in some manner.


Basic Criteria for Obtaining a Restraining Order.  Within the last 180 days* the person who abused you must have:  Physically injured you; Tried to physically injure you; Made you afraid that he/she was about to physically injure you; or, made you have sexual relations against your wishes by using force or threats of force; AND You are in danger of more abuse very soon, and the person who abused you is a threat to the physical safety of you or your children.

(*Not including time when the person who abused you was incarcerated or lived more than 100 miles away from your home.)

State of Oregon’s Definition of “Abuse”. 1) You have been physically hurt or someone has tried to hurt you; You have been threatened with imminent and serious harm; or, You have been forced to engage in sexual relations against your will.

Who you CAN get a Restraining Order against?  Your husband, wife or domestic partner; your FORMER husband, wife or domestic partner; an adult with whom you are living (or did live) in a sexual relationship; an adult with whom you have been in a sexual relationship  in the last two years; an adult related to you by blood, marriage or adoption; or the parent of your child.

Who CANNOT get a Restraining Order?  Roommates not involved in a sexually intimate relationship; people who are not related who have never lived together or had a sexually intimate relationship; people who have not been abused as defined by the law; minors, unless you have been in a sexual relationship with that person AND the person who abused you is at least 18.

How do I file a Restraining Order?   Go to the Coquille Courthouse located at 250 North Baxtor, Coquille OR no later than 11:30 AM. A Court Advocate may be present to help you fill out the necessary paperwork.  There is no filing fee for restraining orders. These matters will be heard by remote means or in person at 1:15 PM if filed by 11:30 AM. Filings received after 11:30 AM will be heard the next available judicial day.

If the Restraining Order is granted by the Judge, you will be escorted to the Sheriff’s Office for computer entry and service of the Restraining Order.  REMEMBER…the Restraining Order IS NOT VALID UNTIL IT IS SERVED ON THE RESPONDENT!  You MUST keep a copy of the Restraining Order with you until it is served.  If you encounter the respondent prior to service, you may contact any officer and they can respond and serve your certified copy to the respondent.  That officer must advise the Sheriff’s Office that they served your copy to the respondent.  You may contact the Sheriff’s Office to obtain the certified copy that we did not serve and to advise our office that another agency served your copy so that we can obtain that office’s signature on a proof of service.  You may also contact the Courts at the Domestic Window and they can make you a replacement certified copy.  Prior to arresting or taking any action against a respondent for Violation of a Restraining Order, Law Enforcement must verify with the agency who served the Restraining Order that there still is a valid Restraining Order on file, so it is not necessary that you have your copy on your person at all times, after the service of the Restraining Order, however, it does give law enforcement something to review prior to ensuring the validity of it. If you have additional questions, you may contact the Domestic Court Window at (541)396-7500, Domestic Office.



Is there a noise ordinance in Coos County?  No.  Several times there have been attempts to establish a noise ordinance for Coos County; however, they have been unsuccessful at this time.

What can I do about my neighbor’s barking dog? 
You may file a complaint with the Coos County Animal Division of the Sheriff’s Office.  The first step is to contact Animal Control at the Shelter at (541) 751-2480, Dispatch (541) 396-7830, or Voicemail for Animal Control (541) 751-2482.  Animal Control will issue to the owner of the barking offender(s) a written warning.  If, after a written warning, the problem continues, the reporting party will be asked to a complete a Complaint Form and attach a (7) day Barking Log, prior to issuance of a citation.



How can I file a complaint against a deputy or other member of the Sheriff’s Office?  You may contact the Sheriff’s Office and request to speak to the supervisor of the member who you wish to file a complaint against.  Complaints can be taken over the phone; however, if you have a serious complaint, it is recommended that you put your complaint into writing so that it may be addressed through the proper chain of command.

Can the Sheriff’s Office tell me if something I have purchased is stolen?  Yes.  You may come in to the Sheriff’s Office with the item in question and a member of the office can run the serial number to ascertain if the item(s) is stolen.  These include items such as computers, guns, televisions, cell phones, cameras and other items.

Does the Sheriff’s Office provide auto assistance, such as unlocking a car door or jump starting a vehicle?  No.  Deputies no longer carry devices to assist with either automobile problem. 

New Concealed Handgun Licensing

New Concealed Handgun License Applicants
Wednesday, 12:30 to 4:30 p.m., Walk-in Basis
Friday, 12:30 to 4:30 p.m., Walk-in Basis
Fee: Included in the total fee of $65

Fingerprinting for Utah Concealed Handgun License Applicants

Fee is $25.00

Concealed Handgun Application

All NEW applicants will be required to provide proof of US Citizenship by a Birth Certificate, Passport, or Certificate of Foreign Birth, so please bring that with you when you apply for a concealed handgun license.
Renewal Applicants

Walk-in basis Monday - Friday

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Fee is $50


OSSA Online CHL Course

Approved and accepted by all Oregon Sheriffs.

You can take this course as many times as you wish at no cost for educational purposes. The fee is charged to complete the course and to receive your certificate, which is required if applying for a concealed handgun license in Oregon.

Fingerprint Applicants

(Nursing Licensing, Real Estate Licensing, Foster Care, Adoptions, Expungements, Teaching, any other reason)
Fee is $25.00

The fee for fingerprinting is $25.00, payable to Coos County, and can be cash, check or money order.

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