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Animal Control
We protect public safely and animal welfare by enforcing Oregon Laws. Often Animal Control intervention is needed to mediate a solution, enforce laws, or investigate damage or aggression complaints involving dogs. Before calling Animal Control, try to talk with neighbors about the problem.

If you need an Animal Control officer, please call 541-751-2480 to make a complaint, or download citizen's complaint form below.

Animal Control Officers
Our goal is to provide solutions and maintain good relations within the community.

Officers Wendy Martinez

Officers Steve Church

All dogs living in the state of Oregon are required to be vaccinated against rabies. All dogs living in Coos County are required to be licensed at 6 months of age (or when permanent canines appear), or with 30 days of becoming a resident. Licenses are issued by the Coos County Animal Shelter and its licensing agents.

Animal Control does not pick up or catch stray cats. Cats that are stray or trespassing on private property may be humanely trapped and taken to the Coos County Animal Shelter. Please contact the Shelter before bringing in any cats. Traps are available to loan from the shelter. Please see our 'Save Lives' page for information to alternatives available through animal welfare groups.

Report Dog Fighting

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Humane Society for more infomation.
Citizens Complaint Form
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Barking Dog Complaint

State law prohibits an owner or keeper of a dog from allowing the dog to be a public nuisance by disturbing others with frequent and prolonged barking. This law is applied only in those instances where the dog's barking has reached unreasonable proportions and less formal means to resolve the problem have been tried and have failed to produce results. To download this complaint form, please click here.

Contact the Animal Shelter

Animal Control
92960 South Port Road
Coos Bay, Oregon 97420

Shelter Operator:
Officer Jaclyn Rosenberg

Ph: 541-751-2480

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