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"Coos County shall strive to provide and encourage a transportation system that promotes safety and convenience for citizens and travelers that strengthens the local and regional economy by facilitating the flow of goods and services."
Coos County maintains approximately 188 miles of gravel roads and 341 miles of paved roads totaling 529 miles of roadway. Maintenance activities include road grading, ditching, culvert replacement and cleaning, spraying for vegetation control, paving and patching (cold mix), shoulder rocking, brushing and mowing, striping, signage, and bridge maintenance.

Coos County owns and maintains 111 bridges in the National Bridge Inventory

Types of Public Roads

County Maintained Roads - List

County Maintained Roads - Map

Coos County Transportation System Plan

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Fee Payments

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Coos County Road Payment

ROSS INLET - LANE CLOSURE MP .75 - Tuesday, December 20, 2016
John Rowe Roadmaster 541-396-7665
Jessica Johnson Business Operations Manager  541-396-7660
Scott Murray Access Foreman 541-396-7667

Road Foreman 541-396-7662
Dave Jennings Shop Foreman 541-396-7671
Cindy Moody Sign/Spray Lead 541-396-7663