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The Environmental Health programs mission is to:
  • Regulate and inspect food service, public pools, and overnight lodging
  • Consult with operators of public water systems to make sure water is clean
  • Provide inspection services for child daycare and public school cafeterias
  • Investigate illnesses that are spread thru food and water, and 
  • Provide training for food workers and restaurant managers

Environmental Health programs and services benefit the entire community, including: county residents, tourists, visitors, and businesses. Anyone who eats food prepared in a restaurant, temporary food booth, or school cafeteria or swims in a pool benefits from the inspection process. Tourists can more safely attend the many outdoor festivals, restaurants, and travel accommodations in Coos County. Businesses also benefit from having a safe community that attracts visitors and encourages residents to use their services.

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    Environmental Health
    1975 McPherson
    North Bend, OR 97459

    Program Manager:
    Rick Hallmark, EHS, MPA

    Phone: 541-751-2403

    Office Hours
    Monday - Friday
    8 am  to 5 pm