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All health care providers and labs must report certain diseases and conditions to Coos County Public Health. Some cases and suspected cases of certain illnesses or conditions must be reported to the Health Department according to specified timelines and are grouped into the following reporting categories:

  • immediately,
  • within 24 hours,
  • within one working day (a working day is defined as Monday through Friday),
  • within one week of the diagnosis.

For reports on the week-ends or holidays, contact the Health Department on the next working day. The Coos County contact for communicable disease reporting is:

Lena Hawtin
Phone: 541-751-2400.
Fax: 541-751-2654. (confidential medical fax number)

Important Links:

The communicable disease reporting guidelines can be found on the Oregon State Public Health website: Guidelines

Clinician Reporting Form: Reporting Form