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Kathy Hathaway is currently the Land Agent for Coos County.

The Coos County Land Agent works at the direction of the Board of County Commissioners to deal with issues involving County owned lands and mineral rights. All mineral and oyster leases are administered through the Land Agent's Office. The Land Agent catalogues and sells tax foreclosed and surplus properties at the County's annual Sheriff's Auction.

2014 Land Sales 

Click HERE for Land Sale Notice and Terms - Auction Date and Time:  March 8th at 10:00 A.M., 201 N Adams St., Coquille, OR 

Below is a list of Parcels, in order, by parcel number.  Just click on the link of each parcel and you will have a printable copy of the Land Sale Information for that parcel.




Land Sale Information:
Land Sale Research Guideline

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Land Agent
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Land Agent:
Kathy Hathaway

Parks Forestry Building
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