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The Juvenile Department’s main office is located in Coquille at 240 North Collier Street (directly behind courthouse).  There are also offices at the North Bend Annex, 1975 McPherson in North Bend.  Counselors will attempt to schedule meetings and/or groups with families residing in North County at the North Bend Annex.

Detention is an essential component of the juvenile justice system. Detention options are short-term and appropriate to the level of risk posed by the youth. Detention services are designed to safeguard the community and/or ensure the juvenile’s appearance at subsequent court hearings.

Coos County currently contracts with Douglas County to provide Detention services.  Upon authorization for youth to be detained, the youth is transported to Douglas County Juvenile Detention in Roseburg, Oregon by either a Juvenile Department staff or a representative from Oregon Youth Authority.  Detention hearings are usually held via video conferencing.

Contact Number for Douglas County Juvenile Detention:  541-464-6401

Youth are ordered by either the Court or the Juvenile Department to perform community service.  The crews perform labor for public or charitable organizations.  This may include litter patrol, clearing brush, etc.

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Juvenile Director:
Bryan Baird

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