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The purpose of the Coos County Forest is to produce revenue for the County General Fund. The Coos County Forestry Department provides land management services for the 15,000 acre County Forest. This includes preparing, selling, and administering timber sale contracts valued at several million dollars annually. Follow-up reforestation and young stand management activities such as site preparation, planting, pruning and vegetation management are important parts of the program. Both private contractor and inmate labor is used to accomplish these management activities. The Forestry Department administers a Special Forest Products program on County Forest lands and sells commercial permits for mushrooms, cedar poles and shake bolt material, evergreen brush products and personal use firewood permits. The Forestry/Land Agent Department currently operates with three permanent positions.

Coos County Forester: 
Lance Morgan
Lance Morgan has been a forester at the Coos County Forestry Department for 21 years, managing every aspect of the forest.

Firewood Permits:

Firewood Permits are currently limited. The permit area is on Davis creek Rd., about 1/2 mile south of The Belloni Boy's Ranch, off of Hwy 101. Permits cost $10 and each permit allows the permit holder to cut up to 2 cords. Maps and specific instructions will be available with purchase of a permit. When permits are available, you can purchase a permit at our office (1309 West Central Blvd., Coquille, OR, 97423) with cash or check.

The current permit area will be closed soon, once all permits are expired. There may be a new permit area open by early March. Please call in around February 28th to find out more. (Updated Feb. 19, 2014)

Forest Road Closures:

There are two spur roads off of West Beaver Hill Road that are closed due to logging operations. (Updated Feb. 19, 2014)

Public Fire Restrictions Imposed:


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Forestry Department Staff
Coos County Forester
Lance Morgan

Land Agent/Timber Data Specialist
Kathy Hathaway