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Bandon Marsh Refuge and Surrounding Area Mosquito Control:

Effective as of Thursday September 12, 2013, mosquito abatement in the Bandon Marsh vicinity will consists of applying a mosquito larvicide to the marsh.

On September 13, 2013 the larvicide  MetaLarv  was successfully applied to more than 300 acres of the Bandon Marsh.  This will reduce the number of larva becoming adult mosquitoes.  Fewer adult mosquitoes will mean fewer mosquito eggs hatching next year.  No further abatement action is planned for 2013. 

MetaLarv is produced as hard pellets and is similar in size to buckshot. It will remain effective preventing larvae from maturing into biting adult mosquitos for more than 40 days.  Cooler weather is expected to stop the mosquito population this fall by the time the larvicide is gone. 

Any application of insecticide off the marsh by the county is not planned.

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