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The first three years of a child’s life may be the most crucial years to reach their full potential in their brain development. A newborn baby’s brain will be about 25% of an adult’s size, and by age three the brain has grown an incredible amount, having produced trillions of cells and connections between these cells since they were born.

The parent and caregivers’ role in this time of the child’s life is significant in making those connections happen. Interacting with your child in a variety of ways can help. It is important for an infant to be held and touched in soothing ways, and experience positive communication and play-time with you. 

Confidence, curiosity, resilience, self-control, communication, and ability to connect are all aspects of a child’s emotional intelligence that are deeply influenced by positive brain development in their infancy.

Please visit to find more information on how you can best support your child in during his or her first three years of life.

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