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Real Estate Transaction Water Test

When you buy or sell real estate that includes a domestic well, the lender or buy may require the water system be shown as "safe." Before requesting the service from the health department outlined below, make sure the service will meet the requirements specified by the lending institution.

As a third party that is neutral to the transaction, the health department offers to:

  1. Sample for any or all of total coliforms, nitrates, and arsenic. Results will be explained in a letter.
  2. Evaluate the physical components of the water  system and sample as described in No. 1 above. Sample results and an analysis of the water system will be provided in a letter.
  3. Apart from evaluating potable water the health department can also review an on-site septic system when needed for a property transaction. A written description of the evaluation is provided.
To request any of the above services to. Compete the application and submit it with the necessary fee. Make check payable to Coos County Public Health. To determine the current fee, please call (541) 751-2431.
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Common problems in obtaining a satisfactory evaluation:

  • The water system must be in use and pressurized throughout.
  • Source of water system (well head or spring box) must be accessible in a way to evaluate installation and construction components.
  • Some ground water sources need disinfection to obtain a satisfactory total coliform sample result.
  • For a spring, an impermeable barrier must prevent moisture from the surface from wicking into the spring collection system; and the surface of the ground must be sloped in a way that prevents ponding atop the collection system or around the spring box; and a fine mesh screen must cover any vent to the spring box and the vent must not allow contamination access into the box.
  • For a drilled well, the outside of the well casing must be grouted in a way to prevent contamination from following the casing into the aquifer; and the well head must be provided with a sanitary seal excluding contamination from entering the well casing into the aquifer. I addition, the well head must be provided with a sanitary seal excluding contamination from entering the well casing. A fine mesh screen must cover any vent to the well casing and the vent must not allow contamination access into the casing.
  • If the source is considered surface water, filtration must be provided allowing no organism greater than 1 micro to pass.
  • If the source is considered surface water, disinfection is required.
  • When disinfection is needed, it must be provided in a constant and continuous way.
  • Past the point of disinfection no open air exposure to the treated water may exist.
  • When chlorine is used to shock or destroy accidental biological contamination, it must be completely purged from the system tin order to represent the normal working condition of the stem. See [CHLORINE SHOCK LINK] for instructions.