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Food Safety and Licensing

Food prepared and served to the public may contain germs that make people sick. This is called food poisoning. Often, food poisoning results only in discomfort or lost time from work. But for some, especially preschool age children, older adults and those with impaired immune systems, food poisoning is more serious and may be life threatening.
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The Environmental Health program works with food workers to develop safe food-handling habits; we license and inspect restaurants and other public food service operations; and provide food handler training and licensing.  

Restaurant inspection reports are available for review by the public in Room 215 at Coos Health & Wellness, 281 LaClair St, Coos Bay on most Wednesday mornings from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.  An appointment may be made for other times by calling 541-266-6720.  The purpose of an inspection completed by a Coos County health inspector is to assure that food handling is safe.  Reports reflect direction given to the food business leading toward rule compliance for any issues noted during a visit. 

Type of Licenses

A license is required to offer prepared food to the public in Oregon. (This is in addition to a food handler's card.) The types of licenses include:

Do you know you can read inspection reports for your favorite restaurant, motel, pools and RV parks? Click the link below:

Online Inspection Reports

To review inspection reports for a licensed facility in Coos County follow the instructions below: 

1. On the inspection report home page you can scroll between these inspection categories: 

  • Restaurant Inspections 
  • Hotel/Motel Inspections 
  • Recreational Water Inspections  
  • Recreational Water Inspections 
  • Organizational Camp Inspections

2. Find the category of interest, and use the mouse to select "View Facilities" and you will then see facilities listed by name with the address.

3. Skim through the list and find the facility.

4. Use the mouse to select the facility and you will see a list of inspections ordered by date.

5. Use the mouse to select an inspection and a page will open showing general information about the inspection.

6. To see any issues that were noted during the inspection use the mouse and select the tab titled “Violations.” 

For your information:

Our goal is to have inspection report data posted on-line within 2 weeks of an inspection.

Only data from an inspection completed since 2017 of a facility continuing to be licensed by CHW is expected to be on line.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) typically inspects a grocery store, meat market, bakery, food processor, dairy, etc. Call 503-986-4720 for information about an ODA licensed facility.

There is a public health focus on seeing resolution to any priority violation or priority foundation violation cited on a food service inspection. When such a violation is cited the report will indicate immediate action taken by the food service operator to address the safety risk. A recheck inspection follows many inspections to help assure a resolution to a priority violation or priority foundation violation is effective in protecting public health.

A priority item means there is no other provision in the rule that more directly control a particular hazard to food safety.

A priority foundation item contributes to enables one or more priority items to be a risk. 


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Rick Hallmark, EHS, MPA

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Do you know you can read reports for your favorite restaurant, motel, pools and RV parks? Click on the link below.

To review inspection reports for a licensed facility in Coos County, just enter the name in the search box to see all inspections conducted since starting with the HealthSpace software.  All inspections have a 14-day delay before they are posted online.  Please check back if an inspection isn’t available to view yet.