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All Coos County physicians, health care providers and laboratory workers are required by law to report certain diseases and conditions to Coos County Public Health. There are over 50 diseases and conditions that must be reported in Oregon. Not all infectious diseases (for example, the common cold, MRSA, and chickenpox) are reportable. Some of the most common reportable diseases in Coos County are chlamydia, hepatitis C, salmonella, campylobacter, and giardia.

When a case of a communicable disease is reported to the Health Department, the public health staff investigate to identify who may have been exposed, or the source of the disease, e.g., if food or water is suspected. The exposed persons (or contacts) are referred to health care for any immunizations or medications that could prevent illness. Some immunizations or medications, such as for tuberculosis, are available through the Health Department. The communicable disease staff work quickly to prevent the spread of disease and educate the public about prevention.