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The STD clinic provides exams and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. Services are nonjudgmental and provided by a nurse practitioner and nurses.We provide STD screenings for males and females of all ages, as well as full female physical exams. Teens can consent to HIV and STD testing and treatment in Oregon without a parent’s permission. All information is confidential and will not be released without your written consent. Call for an appointment or to contact a nurse: 541-266-6700.

The exam may include a check of your skin, genitals, and/or mouth. A test may be done of your blood or urine. (Please do not urinate with one hour of your scheduled appointment)

We can test for these STDs:
• Chlamydia
• Gonorrhea
• Syphilis
• Vaginal infections like yeast or trichomoniasis
• HPV (genital warts)
• Herpes
• Hepatitis C (if you have ever injected drugs) 
Test Results
Test results can take up to one week (Or 7-10 day for HIV testing). You can get your test results in the clinic or by phone. Be sure to arrange how you will receive your test results before you leave the clinic.

For treatment, medications may be provided at the clinic, or you may receive a prescription to fill at a pharmacy.

Partner Services
If you have chlamydia, gonorrhea, or syphilis, we will see and treat any partners you may have. We can help by contacting your partner for treatment, if you are reluctant to do so, or need help.
Call for an appointment or to contact a nurse: 541-266-6700.

Services are affordable. Organizations which have supported these services with vouchers for low income clients include:

  • Coos County Friends of Public Health
  • Zonta Club of the Coos Bay Area. 

Contact Us

Public Health Department

281 LaClair St
Coos Bay OR 97420

Lena Hawtin
Clinical Services Supervisor


Phone:  541-266-6700
TTY Relay:  800-735-2900

Main Fax:  541-888-8726