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HIV testing services

CCPH nurses can advise whether you should be tested, based on your risk of past behavior and exposure. Persons who are most at risk are men who have sex with men, injection drug users, and their sex partners.

The HIV test takes 7-10 days for results.

HIV general information

HIV disease is a communicable disease spread through:

  • unprotected sexual contact with an infected person (not using a condom)
  • sharing needles or other works with an infected person
  • from an infected mother to her baby during pregnancy
Medications can treat the disease and can also protect a baby from infection by her pregnant mother.


Condoms can prevent sexual transmission; not sharing needles or other works can prevent infection during drug use. 

For information about HIV treatment and case management, contact HIV Alliance (in Eugene) at 

Call for information about the cost or to make an appointment.

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