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 It's time to get the birth control method that's right for you. It's easy. Oregon Contraceptive Care provides birth control for anybody that qualifies.You'll meet with a health care professional who knows about the many birth control methods available. Ask all the questions you'd like, and get all the information and supplies you need.


Who Qualifies for CCare?

ou may qualify for free family planning services (birth control) if you:

  1. Live in Oregon, and
  2. Have proof of U.S. Citizenship* or are a permanent resident (5+ years), and
  3. Have a Social Security number (SSN), and
  4. Have income up to:  

Household Size Weekly** Monthly**
1 $561 $2,432
2 $756 $3,278
3 $951 $4,123
For each additional person add: $195 $846

* We can help you get a copy of your birth certificate. 
 ** As of March 1, 2014


For more information or to make an appointment call: 541-266-6700           

Downloadable a Ccare Enrollment Form:


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