Coos County's Enhanced Care Outreach Services (ECOS) Program

Coos County has six enhanced care clients, each with individualized treatment plans and living arrangements to meet their special needs. ECOS clients are placed in a variety of settings, including residential care facilities (i.e. Harmony Estates, West Wind Court) and Seniors and People with Disabilities (SPD) Foster Homes. ECOS clients in Coos County enjoy a variety of activities including community outings, movement therapy, arts and crafts, music groups, and the Nancy Devereux Center's day program. There are also Senior Centers in all of our communities, where clients may enjoy other activities and social contacts. 

Win Henken is the ECOS Coordinator for Coos County, seeing clients weekly and providing telephone support as needed. Consultations with caregivers in the facilities and foster homes are done on a weekly basis. We emphasize good communication and coordination of treatment with other professionals such as medical doctors, psychiatrists, physical therapists, and representative payees. We work together with the ECOS client to create a realistic and workable Treatment Plan, based on the client's strengths, goals, and needs. Our hope is to assist the client in achieving the highest level of functioning and standard of living possible.

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