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As a consumer you have a right to:

--Service without regard to race, color, creed, age, gender, sexual preference, religion or disability.

--Be free from abuse or exploitation.

--Take part in treatment planning, to be informed of treatment options and risks, to choose from the options, review progress and be free from retaliation for exercising a right.

--Refuse treatment unless ordered by a court (and medically appropriate), and to know the consequences if court ordered services are refused.

--Have the information given to Behavioral Health staff kept confidential according to the laws on confidentiality, as  described in the Coos County Behavioral Health Department Notice of Privacy Practices.

--Talk with a Behavioral Health crisis worker (if your primary therapist is unavailable) for emergencies during and after work hours by telephoning 541-266-6800.

--Talk with staff or file a written complaint if you are unhappy with the services or have other concerns. We would like  the opportunity to resolve the matter with you. Please contact your therapist, or case manager, or ask at the  Reception Desk for the Privacy Officer. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, you have the right to file a
written complaint and the procedure for filing a complaint is available upon request from the Privacy Office. A copy of these procedures will be made available to you at any time.

--Have your rights and responsibilities read and explained to you.

--Be given a copy of the fee policy and be informed in writing what your fee will be. (Included on the back of this page.)

--If at any time you believe that any of your rights have been violated, please contact the Privacy Office. You may call (541) 266-6700, or ask at the Reception Desk.

As a consumer you have the responsibility to:

--Keep appointments or cancel them as far in advance as possible.

--If you take medication, to take it only as prescribed.

--Inform our office of any changes in your, income, address, or telephone number (s). You may report changes to your  therapist, case manager, or the Business Office.

--Not drop out of services without first discussing it with your therapist.

--Seek appropriate help if alcohol or other non-prescribed drugs make your symptoms worse or interfere with your treatment plan.





 24 Hour Crisis Hotline
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