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Mike Crim, Director 541-396-7703 mcrim@co.coos.or.us
Kelly Church, Business Manager 541-396-7704 kchurch@co.coos.or.us
Beth Brooks, Parole and Probation Officer 541-396-7716 babrooks@co.coos.or.us
Alyssa Daniels, Corrections Secretary 541-396-7701 adaniels@co.coos.or.us
McKenzie Davis, Parole and Probation Officer 541-396-7722 mdavis@co.coos.or.us
Julia Day, Assistant District Attorney 541-396-7708 jday@co.coos.or.us
Sheryl Flood, Case Manager 541-751-2461 sflood@co.coos.or.us
Richard Gill, Parole and Probation Officer 541-396-7711 rgill@co.coos.or.us
Tracy Herning, Parole and Probation Officer 541-396-7707 therning@co.coos.or.us
Darin Larson, Parole and Probation Officer 541-396-7713 dlarson@co.coos.or.us
Erin Larson, Lead Parole and Probation Officer 541-396-7712 elarson@co.coos.or.us
Janet Leep, Corrections Secretary 541-396-7706 jleep@co.coos.or.us
Jennifer Mahlum, Administrative Aide 541-396-7705 jmahlum@co.coos.or.us
Joshua Mullins, Parole and Probation Officer 541-396-7702 jmullins@co.coos.or.us
Michael Paturzo, Parole and Probation Officer 541-396-7714 mpaturzo@co.coos.or.us
Steve Reeves, Parole and Probation Officer 541-396-7710 sreeves@co.coos.or.us
Paul Ross, Work Crew Supervisor 541-396-7722 pross@co.coos.or.us
Chris Webley, Parole and Probation Officer 541-396-7709 cwebley@co.coos.or.us

Contact Us

Coos County Community Corrections
155 North Adams, Suite B
Coquille, OR 97423

Main Office: 541-396-7700
Annex Office: 541-751-2460
Day Reporting Center: 541-751-2461

Main Office: 541-396-1011
Day Reporting Center: 541-751-2650
Office Hours:
8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. except 12:00p.m. - 1:00p.m.

Email: cooscorr@co.coos.or.us

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