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The Coos County Noxious Weed Advisory Board is an advisory committee of up to 11 voluntary members that serve to assist the Board of Commissioners in
Noxious Weed List

identifying and monitoring noxious weed problem areas, recommending methods for control and furthering weed education and management programs.

Est. 2001 by the Coos County Board of Commissioners.




2011 Coos County Noxious Weed List

Current Board Members



Term Expires

Jay Messerle Messerle & Sons 06/01/2015
Jill Rolfe Planning Department 01/01/2018
Steven Scheer Private Landowner 06/01/2017
Alexis Brickner Coos Watershed 06/01/2017
William Bailey Retired - Epidemiologist and Toxicologist 06/01/2020
Jim Neilson