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To evaluated funding options for the animal damage control in Coos County as well as the Wildlife Services program. To set goals, priorities, and suggest staffing levels for the animal damage control (Wildlife Services) program. Educate the public on the importance of animal damage control. Evaluate the needs and effectiveness of the Wildlife Services program.  Educate the Coos County Budget Committee concerning the program, its benefits and results.  Report back to the Coos County Board of Commissioners with recommendations and carry any statewide funding recommendations to the statewide Stakeholders Group.


  1. Protect public health and safety
  2. Control spread of disease in wildlife population (such as rabies)
  3. Protect the Coos County infra-structure (culverts, roads, dikes)
  4. Control animal damage to forages, crops, livestock and timber
  5. Assist with wildlife control within city and rural populations
  6. Protect the County forests and parks

Committee Damage Control Advisory Committee

A committee of ten persons shall be approved or appointed by the Coos County Board of Commissioners.  The committee members shall represent the following entities:

Coos County Road Department Cattle Producer
Coos County Forestry Department Coquille Tribe
Coos-Curry Farm Bureau Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
Coos County Livestock Association Oregon Hunters Association
Timber Company - 2 members Drainage Districts
Sheep Producer - 2 members Wildlife Services

The Committee shall elect a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary.  One of the members of this committee will serve on the statewide Stakeholders Committee.  The Chairman will set the meeting dates as necessary.  The Secretary shall take and submit minutes of the meetings to the Board of Commissioners.  The of office shall be three years.  This is a volunteer appointment and there shall be no cost to the Coos County.

Interested Entities Members
Coos County Road Department John Rowe
Coos County Forestry Department Lance Morgan
Coos-Curry Farm Bureau Kevin Westfall
Coos County Livestock Association Joe Cortez
Timber Companies Harold Merritt,
Jim Carr
Sheep Producers Chuck King,
Sharon Waterman
Cattle Producer Monte Lund
Coquille Tribe Jason Robison,
Alternate: Nathan James
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Stuart Love
Oregon Hunters Association Dennis Cook
Drainage Districts Charlie Waterman
Members-at-Large Blair Holman,
Tuck Koreiva
Wildlife Services Michael Burrell

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