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Coquille Valley Enterprise Zone Segments

Bay Area Enterprise Zone Aerial Photo with Boundaries-2017

Oregon Enterprise Zones-July 2011

Project Synopsis: Oregon Enterprise Zones

Annual Snapshot of Activity in Oregon Enterprise Zones {2010}
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On June 16, 2011, the Governor signed Enrolled House Bill 3017 (2011)—extending the enterprise zones and their property tax abatements until 2025.  In fact, it is now Chapter 374, Oregon Laws 2011.  So, 12 additional years, plenty of time to do good, and not fret about statutory expirations.  Besides continual improvement and challenges, ways may arise to adapt and enhance the Oregon enterprise zones system & programs; other, less constructive ideas requiring care might also appear, and then there will apparently be matters, against which to prevail.
Presented here are:

  • The current enterprise zones, including the latest set of zones/counties eligible for the long-term rural facility program.  Note that there are still only 9 out of a permitted 10 E-commerce zones (for which HB 3672–A will allow the tax credit to continue).  More information will be upcoming about zone terminations and corresponding rounds of redesignation.
  • The final draft of the compendium of project synopses.  The draft is definitely looking good and rather done, but there is still some uneven coverage and need for professional publication work.  As such, it was neither used nor needed for the legislative session, even if some of the examples were drawn on to inform legislators. Nevertheless, it may be of interest for these anecdotes, as well as the map, etc. on statewide distribution and other enlightening facts.
  • The attached annual snapshot of statistics may be the last of its kind.  It may help to focus minds on the resources, authority and other distinctions between program administration/approvals and program analysis/evaluation.


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